Houston PI


How to get lost and alienate white trash

I’m cold and wet. Why am I cold and wet? I’m standing in a parking garage, talking to Dick Cheney. laughs No, not that Dick Cheney. At least I think it was him? My sight is blurred – probably sweat. rubs eyes No, it didn’t help. Where am I? It’s dark. I’m cold and wet. shivers, checks pockets There’s my phone, and my wallet… and car keys. I wasn’t mugged then. But what happened? Head hurts like hell, slightly nauseous. Hungry. I haven’t eaten in 9 hours.

I was in a parking garage, talking to a courier from Mirror Deliveries. He looked harmless. Then I blacked out. Not like last time though… then I had too much to drink, and went with that guy and… No point in dwelling on that now. looks at street sign I know that name. If I head west I should be back at the car in about an hour. Could call the others, but wouldn’t want them to think I can’t handle myself. This isn’t so bad, I felt ten times worse that time when I got a concussion. Skating without a helmet. Stupid. smiles We had a good time though… starts walking west

One hour later… No, now I’m definitely lost. How could I be so stupid?! Why couldn’t I just call Anna or Henry and ask for a ride? Any sensible person would have done that. No, instead I insist on handling things myself and walk straight into Ku Klux Klan land. Brilliant. Is that guy over there looking at me? looks at phone Aww shit! Missed practice again. Deb is going to be furious. phone rings “Yes?” hears Henry’s voice I don’t tell him, but I have never been more relieved to hear a familiar voice in my entire life. “I’m lost, can you come and pick me up?” See Logan? Was that so hard, asking for help?


Great stuff. I particularly love the last two sentences. +1 Beat.

Riklurt Lurvas

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