Robert Smith's Revolvers

CASE: Robert Smith, a heavyset ruddy man, has gone through a divorce with his wife, Julia. In the wake of the divorce, his collection of antique revolvers has vanished – with a particular prize piece being a cavalry weapon used by Robert E. Lee.

DETAILS: Bob suspected his wife Julia, and the pool boy, Julio. Both of them suspect a prostitute stole the guns, seeing as Robert frequently hires their services. Julia seemed a little paranoid, and was worried about a strange albino man who’d been looking for her. This man calls himself Mike, and claims he’s investigating a murder that took place at the Smith ranch on August 17, two months ago.

“Mike” turned out to be a paranoid, homeless man with PTSD, dishonorably discharged from the Texas Rangers. He was involved in some sort of very badly botched drug raid against a barn near the Mexican border; Joseph McKinley was one of the people dead in the ensuing chaos. The barn burned down, and no evidence survived the incident.

Mike’s real name is Warren Grayson, and he was subsequently hospitalized at the Wellington Mental Hospital, going in and out for years. He believes in some sort of government conspiracy, fearing “The Machine”.

Warren revealed that he has the stolen gun, and that he claims it was the murder weapon in the murder he is investigating. He also said that the bodies should be buried in Robert Smith’s vegetable patch.

Robert “Bob” Smith, owner of the missing weapons.
Julia Smith, née West, wife. Staying with Mrs. Calloway.
Gordon Jones, gay friend of Julia.
John Calloway, friend of Bob, shipping magnate. Recently killed by a car bomb.
Julio Morales, a pool boy.
Warren “Mike” Grayson, a traumatized man with partial albinism, investigating a murder.
Solomon Conway, owner of a shoddy old Buick. Died two years ago. African-American. Mike’s contact.
Eliza Conway, Solomon’s wife. Age 37. Claims to be psychic.

Robert Smith's Revolvers

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