The Vigilante Crime Wave

CASE: A wave of violent crime is sweeping over Houston. Most of the particularly gruesome murders have targeted criminals, for which reason the media has dubbed it a “vigilante crime wave”. Police suspect it might be some kind of gang war, but have no idea who would be behind it.

DETAILS: A courier named Dick Cheney was “saved” by one of the vigilantes, who shot a mugger in the head. Dick was, at the time, carrying books, underwear, and a small amount of weed. Logan went to speak with Dick, but found herself drugged and without memories of the event. Nothing was stolen from her and she wasn’t injured.

Something is very strange with Mr. Cheney. During a visit to his apartment, the investigators had weird memory lapses and problems with perception. This may be related to Logan’s memory loss. Cheney was revealed to have been hospitalized at Wellington Mental Hospital, which is the same as Warren “Mike” Grayson.

He was treated for social phobia, and still has trouble talking to people if he doesn’t take his medication.

Nick Bennett, senior police officer, witness to several murders.
Vance Kingsley, police, partner to Nick Bennett.
Richard “Dick” Cheney, an unfortunately-named courier working for Mirror Deliveries.

The Vigilante Crime Wave

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