Notes on Beats and Experiences

Unlockables are fueled by Beats, not Experiences. If a player wants to buy an Unlockable but that player currently has 0 Beats, it is permissible to sell an Experience, thereby converting it into 5 Beats.

General Unlockables

Unconquerable Will
Spend 1 Beat. For the rest of this session, spending Willpower adds five dice as opposed to the usual three. On passive resistance traits, it adds three instead of the usual two.

Heart and Soul
Spend 1 Beat to increase one Attribute by +1 for the rest of this scene. In addition, recover 1 Willpower when the scene ends.

Spend 1 Beat to immediately roll Resolve+Composure. Recover 1 Willpower per success. This Unlockable can only be used in restful, relaxed situations but does not require a full night’s sleep. If you don’t roll any successes, you still recover 1 WP.

Stay Sane
Spend 1 Beat to automatically pass any roll made to keep your cool and stay sane, including rolls made against Breaking Points. You must choose to use this Unlockable before rolling.

Clue Bat
Spend 1 Beat to immediately gain an insight or otherwise prompt the Storyteller to deliver a clue in the form of a convenient phone call or other useful insight.


Reusable Code
Spend 1 Beat to declare that you already have an old program that would help you with the task at hand. You gain a number of automatic successes to a Computer roll equal to your Computer Skill, before rolling. You may only use this Unlockable on an extended roll.

The Deep Web
You know your way around the shady back corners of the Internet. Spend 1 Beat to obtain illegal items or information at the normal Resource cost with no penalty and no risk of discovery. You can also use this Unlockable to get in touch with any kind of criminal organization, perfectly anonymously. The Unlockable lasts for one session.

Good Cop
You have a friendly demeanor. Add two dice to any social roll made to make a good, friendly impression on someone. If used in conjunction with Henry’s Bad Cop Unlockable, instead add four dice. Henry must be present for it to count as “in conjunction”. This Unlockable costs 1 Beat and lasts for 1 session.


Bad Cop
You’re good at acting the bad cop. Add two dice to any social roll made to intimidate or unnerve someone. If used in conjunctions with Anna-Stacey’s Good Cop Unlockable, Anna-Stacey adds two extra dice to her friendly Social rolls. The Unlockable costs 1 Beat and lasts for 1 session.

Yes Sir
Following orders comes naturally to an old soldier. Spend 1 Beat to activate this Unlockable. Every time you spend a Willpower point on an action as part of carrying out an order, roll two dice. On a success, regain the spent Willpower point.

Lose Yourself
While you have your fight-or-flight instinct under control, sometimes you suffer relapses. You may activate this Unlockable for 1 Beat, or automatically activate it for free when you fail a Resolve+Composure roll to stay in control of yourself (though note that in this case, you don’t regain any self-control). Choose one of three benefits for the scene:

Fight: You gain +2 dice to all attacks for the rest of the scene, and treat your Stamina as 1 point higher, as you fight in blind panic. Flight: You gain a +2 bonus to Speed, +1 to Athletics, and treat your Stamina as 1 point higher, struggling to escape. Breakdown: You face the triggering event and come out stronger. Recover 2 Willpower points at the end of the scene.


Your competitive nature and lifetime of training means you can push your body to the limit. Spend 1 Beat to activate this Unlockable. For the remainder of the scene, treat all your Physical Attributes as 1 dot higher. On any physical roll, you may additionally add up to 3 dice for free; you take the same amount of bashing damage immediately after performing the roll, as you put your body through extreme stress. This latter benefit lasts the entire session.

Eye of the Beholder
You know how to make yourself appealing. Spend 1 Beat to activate this Unlockable and use your looks and flirtatious manners to your advantage. Either gain the two-dot version of Striking Looks applicable to all men (but not women), or the four-dot version applicable only a single individual, for the duration of this session. You may purchase this Unlockable multiple times during a session.

You’re almost dangerously curious. Spend 1 Beat to use this Unlockable; it lasts for the remainder of the session. Whenever you spend a Willpower point on a roll made explicitly to uncover information, roll two dice. On a success, you regain the spent Willpower.


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