Joseph McKinley

Logan's mysterious dead cousin


The day after the worst day in her life, Logan received a letter from a lawyer, informing her that she had inherited her cousin’s ranch outside Houston, TX. Until that moment she had no idea she even HAD a cousin.

Joseph McKinley was the only son of Logan’s father’s sister (Logan’s father never mentioned having any siblings at all). He disappeared sometime in September 2005, and was declared dead in December 2005 after his body was found in the desert near the Mexican border. The body was so badly mangled that they had to take a DNA sample and match it to one he had left a few years earlier during a murder investigation.

Logan has been looking into his death, and the life he lived seems to have been very shady. The people who knew Joe say he was very quiet and didn’t socialize much with anyone. There is very little trace that he even existed – no records of having been to see a doctor since he was 6, no dental records, no credit card… He was clearly flying under the radar for some reason.

Joseph McKinley

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