Advancement Tracker

First Session

Anna-Stacey: 1 base, +1 for dramatic failure (minor car collision, lost track of a mark), +1 for management style, +1 for investigating vigilantes.
Logan: 1 base, +1 for adventure log advancement, +1 for intervening in the date.
Henry: 1 base, +1 for dramatic failure, +1 for agreeing to a date with Gordon.


Second Session

Anna-Stacey: 1 base, +1 for befriending the strange albino, “Mike”.
Logan: 1 base, +1 for popping her knee back into place, +1 for screaming so much she scared a dangerous hillbilly. +1 for character development in adventure log.
Henry: 1 base, +1 for handling Julio’s friends when visiting a Mexican neighborhood.

Anna-Stacey: 1 Experience, 0 Beats.
Logan: 1 Experience, 2 Beats.
Henry: 1 Experience, 0 Beats.

Third Session

Anna-Stacey: 1 base, +1 for reacting to the stench in Dick’s apartment.
Logan: 1 base, +1 for breaking into Warrens car, thereby learning his actual name.
Henry: 1 base, +1 for concluding CIA interrogation drugs were involved, +1 for being deferential to Anna-Stacey.

Anna-Stacey: 1 Experience, 2 Beats.
Logan: 1 Experience, 4 Beats.
Henry: 1 Experience, 3 Beats.

Advancement Tracker

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