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Shepherd Drive


The PI Agency is located on 301 Shepherd Drive. A few features of Shepherd Dr. include:

*Little Woodrow’s, a bar, 289 Shepherd Drive.
*Bliss Day Spa, 302 Shepherd Drive.
*Walgreens, 276 Shepherd Drive.
*The Shepherd’s Baptist Church, 312 Shepherd Drive.
*St. Catherine’s Church, 208 Shepherd Drive.
*High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, 4701 Dickson Street.

Other Locations

*Logan’s Ranch
*Henry’s Apartment, on 23 Gray Street
*Manfred Schuster’s Antiques
*The Petrell Brothers, Egon and Carl, Antique Store
*The Galleria, biggest mall of Texas. Picture

Other People
*Vinnie Van Lowe, rival detective.

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